Lunes, 16 de Mayo de 2022
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Kebap Reunion: Orient Express Session with Mesmerin & Guraypp
Saturday 18th of november 21h
Entrada Gratuita

 Kebap House reunites!
Guraypp is back in town, so here we have the complete Kebap menu at our beloved venue Freedonia, -the original Orient Express with Mesmerin and Guraypp!

KEBAP HOUSE is the musical journey of Onur & Güray, two sound addicts from Turkey who bumped into each other on the streets of Barcelona. They offer an eclectic and freestyle electronic music journey dedicated to the Orient, mixing and editing kebab laden traditional dance tunes of Middle East with freaky disco, acid, ambient techno and deep house delights. KEBAP HOUSE is the unique experience of a trippy disco folk ritual full of surprises, love and kebap spirit; and lots of bass, joy and dance!
Kebap por tots!
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