Lunes, 21 de Mayo de 2018
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La Beatería@Freedonia
Viernes 1 de abril 21h
Entrada Gratuita

 We're back at Freedonia for another installment of La Beateria and this month we're presenting two special live acts in the main room and starting early on with soul, funk and rare groove in the bar. Then it's the usual high class hip-hop in the main room. It's gonna be another good one, so don't miss it!

Special Live Acts:
Beth Trollan
Marc Cuevas

Danny Fresh

Admission: 3€

As this is a cultural association, if you're already a member of Freedonia, entry is only 3€ for the concert but, if not then it's €1.50 extra on the door to become a member for the whole year! Not a bad deal.

Come down enjoy the festivities!

More information on our special guests:

Beth is a dynamic singer/actress from New York. As a published songstress and singer, she first became known with the house music hit ‘Wait Forever’ (w/ Dj Tekin and Doruk Ozlen on Defected Records, London, UK). The release had great success internationally on the dance music circuit with further rereleases in Spain, Germany and Japan. whilst gracing over 25 compilations in various countries worldwide. She then followed up with subsequent dance releases on MAP Dance, Jump Sky Records, and other Indie Labels under a different alias Naidre York. Quite unexpectedly, she made a little splash in the dance genre as a soulful jazz artist. In her solo work, she delivers sentiments of cool jazz, neo-soul, r&b, and remnant 70’s sounds that fuse into a smooth and groovy package on her self titled EP. She performs live music with musicians,as well as, Djs. One can see her hit the big screen as Emma’s Publicist in the feature film Grand Piano - directed by Eugenio Mira - starring Elijah Woods, John Cusack and Kerry Bishe (Argo).

Born in 1976 in Barcelona, Marc Cuevas grew up listening to his father’s favourite bands: Supertramp, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Yes...and artists like Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and Gary Moore. When he turned 15 he became determined to ‘replicate’ those guitar sounds that he always found so fascinating in the records his dad used to play. After learning some basic chords and licks on a Spanish guitar that his uncle gave him, he started
working on a part-time job in order to make enough money to afford his object of desire: a Fender Stratocaster. The iconic instrument inspired him to invest more and more time on improving his playing skills, and soon he was good enough to join a band and hit the stage for the first time. Over the following years, he played in many bands, developing his particular bluesy guitar playing,

After years going from one band to another, Marc became more and more interested in singing and songwriting, to the point that he decided to cut ties with the band he was playing with at the time Los Gatos Negros, a popular spanish rock band from the 60s and started working on his own material.

After a one year break, he decided to found The Calembours, a band in which he would be not only be the lead singer and guitarist, but also the author of all the songs; a platform for
Marc to develop his songwriting skills. The Calembours released an EP titled ‘Stay’ which included five original songs written by Marc. One of the songs from ‘Stay’ stand out from the
rest, and received airplay on many spanish indie rock radio stations. Its name was ‘Back Home’, and was inspired by the American road movies of the 70s.

When The Calembours disbanded three years after being founded Marc Cuevas had already written more than 15 new songs that never came to see the light of day. He is now working
in the studio with his long time producer, Valentí Adell, to bring those songs to life. The still untitled project will release its debut EP by summer.
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