Sábado, 26 de Mayo de 2018
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Burning Barna January - Town Hall Meeting
Jueves 21 de enero 20h
Entrada Gratuita

 We're already starting to think about our next Town Hall meeting.
After refreshing ourselves with a nice holiday and rearing in the new year as it should be done, come back to town, get your feet on the ground and let's get running into the start of 2016!
There are lots of projects that will be on their way...
Burning Man tickets will begin to fall into the hands of the community...
Nowhere will be getting its gears in gear...
BBB is around the corner and over the horizon (here before you know it)....
How do you want to participate??

This month we're looking not only for presentations on projects, but also some ENTERTAINMENT!!! So, do you dance, sing, play an instrument, just for a song or a 5-minute spot. It would be a great way to make the evening more dynamic... (Ukulele to be confirmed ;))

Also, any camps for Nowhere who feel like saying a word or two, you're more than encouraged!
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