Miércoles, 25 de Abril de 2018
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Psyunday #launch party# feat. MissNish| PatrickMassons| PreguicaNativa
Domingo 3 de mayo 17h
Entrada Gratuita

 Domingo 03 de mayo ve el lanzamiento de PsYunday, un nuevo evento mensual dedicado a los amantes de psytrance en el corazón de la ciudad que cuenta con los mejores DJs invitados y Live acts de la escena junto a residente DJ Miss Nish.

El evento tendrá lugar el primer domingo de cada mes de 17:00 a 23:00 en la asociación cultural ecléctica y underground Freedonia donde se garantiza un ambiente con una gran vibe.

Un nuevo concepto diseñado para sumergirse en la música en una tarde de Psychedelic Trance sin tener las molestias habituales de hacer cola para entrar , bebidas caras , precios de puertas o actitud.


Sunday 3rd May sees the launch of PsYunday, a brand new monthly event dedicated to Psy-Trance lovers in the heart of the city which features some of the best guest DJs and live acts from the scene alongside resident
DJ Miss Nish.

The event takes place on the first Sunday of the month from 17:00 until 23:00 at the eclectic and underground cultural association Freedonia where a friendly, fun atmosphere is guaranteed.

A new concept designed for immersing yourself into the music for an afternoon of Psychedelic Trance without having the usual hassles of queuing to enter, expensive drinks, door prices or attitude.

ॐ DjMiss Nish


Music has always played a major part of Miss Nish’s life and she first fell head over heals in love with Psytrance after experiencing her first ever party in 2002 in Tokyo.
Since then she moved to London and became a regular face on the scene where she didn’t miss a single event gaining a deep understanding and love for the music and culture.

After many years of pounding the dancefloor at parties and festivals all over the world and developing a true insight into the scene she decided it was time to return the energy and she started learning how to mix and craft a DJ set in 2011 with the focus on creating a journey through her sets.

As a highly versatile DJ she plays across the spectrum from Progressive to uplifting and bouncy Full-on Psytrance with chunky basslines and melodic grooves and is just as comfortable and proficient in playing a peak time set as she is with opening or closing.

ॐ Patrick Massons Aka Dj.MissPatsystone.

ॐ Preguica Nativa - Live Set


An electronic musical project consisting of Washington from Brazil and Maria from Sweden. Producing and playing live; forward thinking psychedelic trance, GOA and psychedelic ambient/chillout.

Por favor, recuerde que debido a Freedonia's estatus especial como una asociación cultural que debe ser o convertirse en un miembro . Esto está en el increíble valor de sólo 1 euro y le concederá libre acceso para todo un año. Si ya se ha unido a continuación, recuerde traer consigo su tarjeta de miembro!


Please remember that because of Freedonia´s special status as a cultural association you must be or become a member. This is at the incredible value of just 1 Euro and will grant you free access for a whole year. If you have already joined then remember to bring along your membership card!

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