Sábado, 26 de Mayo de 2018
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Ángeles Rebeldes en Freedonia
Sábado 14 de marzo 21h
Entrada Gratuita

 Tus Angeles Rebeldes vuelven a Freedonia!

dj´s Fabiloso y Rebel B2 te preparen la pista de la noche!

Funky, groovy, sexy, house and techno music !!


Esta vez tenemos un dj invitado muy especial:

Erik D. Clark (Whirlpool Productions)


€ric D. Clark
was trained as a classical pianist from the age of 5: upon mastering that instrument at the age of 10 he began playing the Sunday services at his Church along with musically directing two choirs:

later: Disco plus all forms of Electronica to Punk along with all of their respective offspring...

...lead to an early "professional music career" demonstrating CASIO Keyboards in Macy's Department Store (the inspiration for the jingle at the beginning of "From: DiscoTo: Disco") while in local clubs mixing sound for the acts and playing records between them:

By the early 90's... he met Hans Nieswandt to form a party series that would spawn WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS with Justus Koehncke and Fred Heimermann.

the second Millineum of Eric's career:
he releases "E=dC²" his second solo release; this time on FIRM Recordings:

taught at The Stædel School for Visual Arts in Frankfurt: which culminated in the limited edition release "THE STARS OF STÆDEL" an lp of pieces both danceable and non by his students with Eric piloting the project from the helm of Guest Professor

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