Sábado, 21 de Abril de 2018
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House Proud Barcelona - 5th edition # Simon & Coque´s Birthdays Special # feat. Rebel B2
Sábado 7 de marzo 21h
Entrada Gratuita

 On Saturday 7th March House Proud is returning to Freedonia for its fifth edition where we will also be celebrating Coque and Simon´s Birthdays!

For this edition we are welcoming back the very experienced and talented DJ Rebel B2 aka DJ Monne alongside resident DJ Simon Boulind.

Rebel B2
(Rebel Phonk | Angeles Rebeldes)

Simon Boulind
(Ministry of Sound | Pacha London)

Monne Rubingh, or as he is known on the music scene, Dj Rebel B2 aka Dj Monne, is a fixture on the Barcelona nightlife scene. His various events gets fans shaking their booty with zeal, no easy feat in a city jaded by Dj after Dj. Among them, Dj Monne is a refreshing exception.

In his multiple sessions he can connect to the feelings of his audience and adapt to their rhythmic preferences via non-verbal communication catalyzed by his unusual ability to sync his spinning with the gestalt of the crowd. His direct style is full of brilliant improvisation only cultivated minds can develop, and no digs at his online mixes at myspace.com/djmonne but truth be told they don’t compare to musical dexterity he shows during his live sets.

Born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1972, he has lived in Barcelona for over 8 years. His eclectic style of mixing minimal, techno, dirty electro, freaky house, breaks and bad beats keep the crowds wanting more, and the parties he produces keep getting bigger and bigger combining the presence of DJs, musicians, theater, art, performances, VJs and sometimes, masseurs and cooks with the sole purpose of making everyone enjoy the show.

Some of these events include ‘M’, ‘Pitchcontrol’, ‘Get Up And Dance’, ‘Phonk’, ‘Unexpected’, ‘Club Med’ or the ‘Rebel’ parties.

House Proud is a monthly event at Freedonia, Barcelona which features some of the hottest guest DJs, brandishing the finest in underground electronic music.

Perfect for a warm up pre-club drink and a boogie or for those who don’t want to commit to a full night of clubbing with all of the usual hassles of queuing, expensive drinks and door prices but want much more than your usual bar. Freedonia offers a nice space to dance and mingle with great Mojitos, a fun and lively crowd until 2am.

Please remember that because of Freedonia´s special status as a cultural association you must be or become a member. This is at the incredible value of just 1 Euro and will grant you free access for a whole year. If you have already joined then remember to bring along your membership card!

Hope to see you on the dancefloor!

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